Hathor.Green is the first initiative from Hathor Network to encourage renewable energy practices for Bitcoin mining.

Hathor Labs is proud to announce its first initiative in the environmental, social, and governance areas to further foster and support clean energy and renewables adoption for Bitcoin (BTC) mining.

Hathor Labs has established a fund of Hathor Network (HTR) tokens to reward sustainable merged-mining operations by individuals or professionals to bring this initiative to life.

From June 10 to July 8, 2021, a registration form will be available at Hathor.Green for companies or individuals merge-mining BTC and other SHA256b with HTR.

Once applications are approved, the participating miners will receive monthly rewards based on the amount of hashing power…

Hathor Labs is proud to announce that the HTR token is listed on AscendEX

Hathor Labs is pleased to announce the HTR token listing on AscendEX, one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

AscendEX will support the pair HTR/USDT for a community of worldwide traders, also allowing fiat on-ramp for direct buy and following the schedule:

  • Tuesday 18th May 2021– 8 PM EST / 2 AM (London) — Deposits start
  • Wednesday 19th May 2021 — 9 AM EST/2 PM (London) — Trading starts

AscendEX (formerly BitMax) is a leading global digital asset financial platform founded by a group of Wall Street quantitative trading veterans in 2018, servicing retail and institutional clients…

Hathor Labs is stoked to announce a partnership with F2Pool

Hathor Labs is stoked to announce F2Pool, one of Bitcoin´s biggest mining pools, as an official infrastructure partner to the Hathor Network ecosystem.

F2Pool is a geographically distributed mining pool, helping miners all over the globe secure Bitcoin and other networks since 2013.

F2Pool has built the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining pool, servicing miners in more than 100 countries.

With support for more than 40 proof-of-work cryptocurrencies and as a top 3 mining pool operator for 20 of these networks, F2Pool has played a major part in securing blockchain infrastructure and educating the global community about cryptocurrency mining.

Hathor Labs is hiring a Technical Writer

We are seeking a talented and passionate Technical Writer for Hathor Labs. You’ll be part of a world-class team building software that may be used by millions of people worldwide.

As a Technical Writer, you will be responsible for producing high-quality and understandable documentation to improve our platform's success. Such documentation may come in the form of user guides, integration guides, API developer guides, installation and configuration instructions, articles for our channels, and other pieces.

We are building a new blockchain platform from the ground up, which offers a unique opportunity for those who want to help design, build, and…

Hathor (HTR) gets listed on Coinmetro

Hathor Labs is pleased to announce the HTR token listing on Coinmetro, one of Europe´s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

The platform will support the pair HTR/EUR for a community of worldwide traders, also allowing fiat on-ramp for direct buy and following the schedule:

  • Saturday 17th April 2021 — Limit orders only
  • Tuesday 20th April 2021 — liquidity and open markets

For more information, please check Coinmetro´s official communication channels for the approximate time.

CoinMetro is an EU-licensed exchange and holds active registrations with regulators in the USA and Australia.

Located in Estonia, they provide users a friendly gateway through a tokenized…

Hathor Network joins forces with Ankr to bring cloud-based Full Nodes for dApp developers.

Hathor Labs is stoked to announce joining forces with Ankr to bring more essential tools to the ecosystem development on Hathor Network.

Ankr enables users to run their own nodes and easily deploy and manage a node on your favorite blockchain. Up to date, they support over 30 blockchain projects, being Hathor Network the newest addition to their portfolio.

Creating this integration with Ankr is especially useful for dApp developers, that can leverage the use of full nodes to bring their ideas to life on Hathor Network.

Join us for a live event next Monday!

On Monday the 12th of April 2021, Yan Martins (CEO Hathor Network) and…

Medium cover image: Explaining Merged Mining on Hathor Network. Shows some blocks and a pick
Medium cover image: Explaining Merged Mining on Hathor Network. Shows some blocks and a pick
All you need to know about merged mining and Hathor Network

You may have heard that Hathor Network supports merged mining with Bitcoin. Why is this important, and how do you get started with merged mining?

Let’s take a closer look.

Quick background

The concept of merged mining isn’t new. It’s actually almost as old as Bitcoin itself. In a Bitcoin forum thread from 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto talked about the possibility of miners searching for Proof of Work (PoW) for two networks simultaneously, and the idea quickly caught the attention of other developers.

The first implementation of merged mining occurred on the Namecoin blockchain in 2011 when the network added support for Bitcoin’s…

Andres Sanchez is the new Community Manager for Hathor Network

Hathor Labs is proud to announce yet another addition to the already growing team in 2021, and now it is Andrés Sánchez that will be taking on the role of Community Manager.

As we are approaching a busy Q2 full of many improvements to Hathor Network, we want our community to be as excited as we are in celebrating these advancements.

Andrés will be representing Hathor Network within our community while helping it grow and fostering all communication channels.

Our community is our main drive to continue to innovate and improve daily. We believe that it is the right time…

Hathor Network — 11 Community Questions — Reddit Edition

Last week, our content lead EyeOfCyber collected through Reddit 11 community questions and we are glad to share it with our audience.

Hope you all enjoy it!

1 — Ear_Novel : “How many projects have signed into grant program?”

At the time of this writing, we have nine applications already submitted on our first week of the program, with many more in direct contact with Hathor Labs to help them format their projects.

For those interested in applying for a blockchain grant, please fill out the form at https://landing.hathor.network/grantprogram2021

Hathor Network Grant Program

As previously mentioned on our Roadmap, Hathor Labs is pushing forward our first Grant Program for builders who are interested to bring ideas to life using Hathor Network.

Projects that contribute and enhance the Hathor Network ecosystem are eligible for funding opportunities in USDT, HTR, or a mix of both.

Our goal is to promote overall network growth and usage and we encourage any individuals or teams to apply.

For more information, please head to https://landing.hathor.network/grantprogram2021.

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